Geoff Eaker
Operations Manager
Geoff comes to us with an extensive range of technical background. From interning with Hendrick Motorsports, to a self employed car and motorcycle mechanic. He has been a long time member of the Aerodyn family including being part of the original Aerodyn construction team and one of their test technicians. He came back to be part of the construction team of A2 and operated the tunnel for a short time before following another career path. Over the years he has returned to work on several special projects including CFD simulations, a scale model learning tunnel for Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC and the Buick Human Wind Tunnel featured at the Wired store in Time Square. We are glad to say he is back and here to stay.
Virtual Testing Consultant
A2D2 is the most recent addition to the team.  He graduated with a Ph. D. in Robotics from MIT with a minor in Communications. 

A2 is proud to be the first wind tunnel to offer the virtual testing experience.  Ship your testing model ahead of time and let our technicians install it in the tunnel.  When everything is ready to test you can dial in, observe your test results in real time.  You can even drive in the tunnel to direct the tunnel technician to make any model changes between runs.
Gary Eaker is one of the biggest names in racing aerodynamics.  He has over 35 years of experience in the field.  Before designing and building Aerodyn and A2 Wind Tunnels, he was Senior Project Engineer for General Motors Advanced Aero Group.

During his time at GM he was recruited by NASCAR race team Hendrick Motorsports where he worked as an aerodynamicist until he began construction on the AeroDyn Wind Tunnel

It is often said throughout the NASCAR community that only 2 people could see the flow of the air.  Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Gary Eaker
Gary Eaker,
Owner & Founder
Phone Number
117 Godspeed Lane,
Mooresville NC 28115
Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
2013 A2 Wind Tunnel
Cassie received her Bachelor's degree
from Queen's College in Charlotte. She
began her career working in event
planning for a short time until she was recruited by Aerodyn Wind Tunnel as an executive assistant where she quickly demonstrated her worth. She has since taken on the additional role of A2 business manager handling scheduling and accounting. If you call or email us it is most likely her lovely face on the other end of the line.
Cassie Puckett
Business Manager