Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I learn from a wind tunnel session?
Our goal is to make you more efficient on the bike. There is a common belief that wind tunnels put you in unrealistic positions, but that is not the case for A2. Our Gold package ($595/hour) includes a professional fitter who will use his extensive experience and our motion analysis system (Dartfish) that will track biomechanical measurements so that we find that balance between aero efficient as well as a position you can maintain and produce power.  Anyone can be put in a super aero position but if they cannot produce sufficient power then their overall performance will be hindered. Minor tweaks can get you in a position that reduces wind resistance and makes you faster on the bike with less effort. By making one change at a time we can track whether it was good or bad and evaluate based of results in an extremely controlled environment.

Q: How much time do I need?
We have a 2 hour minimum time booking in the tunnel.  Booking a 2 hour test session package will yield the most comprehensive test, as we can try a wide range of position adjustments and equiptment to find your optimal aero setup. However if you would like to fit 2 riders in to the 2 hour minimum (1 hour per rider) this can be accomplished at a very basic level but we recommend at least 1.5 hours per rider for a standard test. 

Q: What should I bring to my test session?
You will need to bring everything as you race (gear, helmet(s), wheels, bottles, etc..).  Also, if your bike came with
special spacers or bolts be sure and bring those as well so changes can be made to the bike as needed.  We have a wide range of aero helmets and sets of wheels at the tunnel, but if you have something in mind that you are interested in testing, check with us in advance to see if we have on hand.  If you are at all interested in new bars we have aero bars on hand but please ask about this before the test as you might need to have your cables removed so the process is simplified for us to make bar changes in a timely fashion.  Please talk to us before you have this done.   

Q: Can I change there before my test?
There are 2 changing rooms at the tunnel and we also have installed a shower room (2013) for athletes to relax and clean up after the testing is completed.  Please bring with you a towel and all wash necessities if you’re planning on using the shower (soap, shampoo, wash cloth).

Q: What time should I arrive before my test session?
Please arrive no sooner then 10 minutes before your scheduled test session unless otherwise told.  We often have athletes testing before you and early arrival will interrupt their test session and will also not allow us to properly greet you upon arrival.

Q: What results do I get following the test?
You will get picture analysis of each run along with a description and data results that are presented in a way to easily understand. We do not share your data or testing information.

Q:  Can I take pictures in the wind tunnel?
You are more then welcome to take pictures inside the wind tunnel.  If you are testing alone please ask us to arrange to have photos taken before the end of the test session.

Q: Who can I bring with me to the test?
You can bring anyone you would like. If a friend or coach would like to join you feel free to invite them along.

Q: What airport do I fly into?
Charlotte Douglas International (CLT) is the closest airport to Mooresville and is about a 35 minute drive. Greensboro Piedmont Triad International (GSO) is just over 1-hour drive but can sometimes be cheaper than Charlotte.

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