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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there someone there to help me understand the data?
We recognize at A2 there are many first-time users, so we are available to help you through the testing process and some analysis of the data, helping to make the most use of your tunnel time. We do not develop your vehicle, as this could lead to technology transfer between competing teams, but we will help you understand how each change affects the vehicle (good or bad). Your information and data are proprietary to your test and nothing you learn will be told to other teams.

Q: Are there aero engineers that will consult with our team to help us with the test? 
There are independent aero engineers who can consult (for a fee) at a more detailed level. If available, we will provide their contact information, but the team is responsible for deciding who to use. Contracts or agreements with them are not the responsibility of A2 Wind Tunnel.

Q: How much time do I need in the tunnel?
A2 has a 2 hour minimum for vehicle testing. That includes installation (up to 20 minutes). A2 has been designed for quick turn-around so we typically get in 4-6 runs per hour, depending upon how quick the changes are.

Q: How do you get ready for a test?
Because every racing series is unique, you will need to know the rules that affect aero, and specify your goals for the wind tunnel test. You can contact Geoffrey Eaker to discuss the goals of your test; he will help you come up with a plan that meets your needs.

Q: When should I show up for the scheduled test?
Individual prep time varies considerably for each test. We will agree before the test on prep time prior to installation and the subsequent wind on starting time.

Q: Where do we unload & park?
All vehicles will unload in our “A” bay in front of the building. You can temporarily park in front of the bay to unload vehicles, tools and test parts, but you must than move the tow rig to a designated parking spot. The access road must remain open at all times. See customer information pack for parking.

Q: What tools should we bring to the tunnel?
Bring all tools necessary to make changes and modifications to vehicle. This includes any power tools needed (drills, saws, etc.). A2 has a small shear and sheet metal break but you need to bring any sheet metal you are planning to use. We sell 200mph tape if you cannot locate ‘good’ tape.

Q: Should I bring extra material?
It is always a good idea to bring extra material for modifications. Sometimes you discover a sensitive area, and extra material allows you to fabricate a change that is not on the run list.