2013 A2 Wind Tunnel
The A2 Wind Tunnel has been in operation since the spring of 2006 and is located at the heart of Race City USA in Mooresville North Carolina (just miles North of Charlotte).

A2 is capable of testing up to 85 mph, while allowing aero force calculations for virtually any speed by scaling  the force data with fundamental aerodynamic calculations.  We utilize a passive boundary layer system and an adaptable ceiling in order to make A2 an incredibly versatile wind tunnel, capable of testing many different types/styles of vehicles.  A2 wants to break the mold of expensive wind tunnel testing, and help educate racers that thought wind tunnel testing could never be possible for them.

A2 Wind Tunnel Ground Plane A2 Wind Tunnel Test Section B A2 Wind Tunnel Test Section A2_Fans A2_Tunnel_Back A2_Wind_Tunnel_Outside

Tunnel design: Subsonic, full-scale, closed-jet, contoured walls and adaptable ceiling test section, with an open return.

Air Flow: 30-85 mph. The power section of the tunnel consists of three 72-inch 200HP and one 42-inch diameter 40HP, electric fans (640HP) individually speed-controlled by means of variable frequency drives.

Reynolds Number per foot: 8x105/ft

Boundary layer control: Stationary floor with passive test section leading edge to "thin" out the boundary layer along the floor..

Balance: External 6 component load cell balance; 4200 lbs capacity.                             
Wheelbase range:  40-240 inches, Track range: 40-76 inches.  Motorcycle wheelbase range: 40-80 inches.

Data acquisition system: 18 channels available for customer
Output to Excel, with default layout or customer-supplied layout.  Anemometers (flow meters) are also available upon request for radiator, oil coolers, and tubes (3- 4).

Flow Visualization:  A2 has a smoke wand available for flow visualization use.  Teams can also install tufts on the model surfaces, which can be photographed through viewing windows along the left and right side of the test section walls
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