A2 wind tunnel fans
Wind Tunnel Testing
Starting at $595 per hour
Force and Pressure Data
Wind speeds up to 85 MPH

A2 Wind Tunnel Pricing & Information

A2 Wind Tunnel general Information

Tunnel uses
Force / Pressure data, Failure / Blow over, TV / Cinema

Wind speeds 0-85 mph
Force data above 85 mph
is extrapolated to required speed

Pressure and Anemometry Data
These options require custom setup per application. Please contact A2 specifically regarding pressures or anemometry.

Smoke Wand
We recommend bringing your own video equipment if you plan on using this option

Test Section Dimensions
Approx. 14 ft wide x 10 ft tall x 58 ft long

Force Data
Lift / Downforce, Drag, Side, Yaw, Pitch, Roll
All data reported in Excel format