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Hot Rod Magazine - Car Aerodynamics - A2 Wind Tunnel - Wind Camp Tech Theory
How To Go Faster With Air On Your Side At A New And Affordable Wind Tunnel.
Hot Rod Magazine - Dirt Late Model in Wind Tunnel - Dirt Late Model Breaks Wind - Ultimate Racing
What Can Really Be Learned From Testing A Dirt Late Model In The Wind Tunnel? In Short--A Lot!
AJ Hartman Aero Youtube
Loaded with great automotive aero content! A few of his A2 visit videos are embeded below.


From the pages of Velo: Time Travelers
The American giants face off in the wind tunnel and on the road
VeloNews - Tech podcast: How a wind tunnel works
Geoff Eaker, manager and operator of the A2 wind tunnel, explains the fundamentals of wind tunnel technology and how that impacts aero bike design.
VeloNews - Are discs a drag? Wind tunnel testing disc brake road bikes
FLO Cycling – A2 Wind Tunnel Tire Study Part 1

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