A2 Wind Tunnel Aerodynamics Testing
Solar panels, satellite dishes,
tents, umbrellas, trash cans,
if it fits, we can test it!

General Testing Pricing & FAQ

General testing - $595/hr

How do you mount test models in the tunnel?

How we mount your test model in the tunnel will vary greatly depending on whether you are interested in using our force measurement system or not. Tests requiring force measurements must be fixtured to our system in the floor isolated from the rest of the tunnel floor. We have many different mounting points and fixtures. If we don't already have a fixture that works for you normally with a short conversation we can determine a fairly simple solution. Tests not requiring force measurements are much easier to mount because we do not have to isolate the mounting points to our force system.

How far in advance should I schedule my test?

If your test date is flexible we usually have nearly immediate availability. However if you have a specific date in mind we recommend booking about a month in advance.

What are the dimensions of the test section?

Approximately 14 ft wide at the floor, narrowing to 8 ft wide at the ceiling x 10 ft tall x 58 ft long

*image is not to scale - measurements are approximate
A2 wind tunnel test section dimensions

What Is the maximum size model that can be tested?

First the model must be able to fit in the test section which is approximately 14 ft wide at the floor and narrows to 8 ft wide at the roof x 10 ft tall x 58 ft long as pictured above. Next the frontal area should not exceed roughly 30 sqaure feet. In simple terms frontal area is the visible area of the model when viewed from straight ahead.

A2 wind tunnel car Frontal Area

What wind speeds are you capable of producing?

We are capable of generating wind speeds from 0 to 85 miles per hour depending on the size of the model in the tunnel. Wind speeds can be adjusted at approximately 1.5 mph increments. We are able to accelerate the tunnel wind speed from 0 to 60 in approximately 10 seconds. Wind speed deceleration is roughly the same as the acceleration rate.

How are pressures measured?

We have 16 pressure transducers available located under the tunnel floor. In order to use pressure transducers tubes will need to be run from the collection point to the transducers.

What will my results look like?

That depends on what you're looking for. Failure or Blow over testing is usually simply a video from multiple angles that includes wind speed.

If you would like to measure Forces or Pressures your results will be displayed in an Excel sheet. Data is gathered and averaged over 77 seconds per data point. At least 2 data points averages are taken each run to confirm stability. At the end of each data collection point the data will populate on your excel spreadsheet. Data is expressed in Coefficients but also translated into Horsepower and Pounds at any user defined speed on the spreadsheet. At the end of testing we will send you a copy of the spreadsheet and photos coinciding with each run for visual reference. Follow this link for an example of a test spreadsheet and associated photos.

A2 wind tunnel USF FSAE car Example data

Can I ship you my model or other equipment?

Yes! Please Include your own name and date of test.


John Doe 12/26
A2 Wind Tunnel
117 Godspeed Ln
Mooresville NC 28115

What forms of payment do you accept?

American Express

Is there a cancellation fee?

A cancellation fee will be assessed for cancellations with less than a 7 day advance notice.The charge for cancelling 4 hours or less of scheduled tunnel time will be $250. The charge for cancelling more than 4 hours of scheduled tunnel time will be $500 per day of cancelled tunnel time.